So you and your partner have recently decided to open up your relationship. Great! You start by heading to the interwebs for information, and as expected, you’re overwhelmed with the information surrounding the nuances of Ethical Non-Monogamy. That’s okay — you’re not alone! While we might not have the word limit or time to tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about ENM (it would take days), we’re here to breakdown the facts and fictions of one very popular practice — swinging!

So let’s start with the facts!

Swinging falls under the umbrella term “Non-Monogamy” and is the practice of playing with others with your partner or while your partner is present — usually on a regular basis.


If you and your partner agree to date/play completely separately, swinging may not be the best term to describe your situation — and that’s okay! Any ethically non-monogamous dynamic that works for you and your partner is a valid one!

Swinging requires communication and honesty.


Just like any challenging situation, a copious amount of discussion, transparency and understanding is necessary to successfully navigate swinging. Communicating with your partner in depth, and often, will help make sure that you are both on the same page at all times.

Swinging involves rules!


While fulfilling desires is the goal of swinging, this cannot be done successfully without you and your partner identifying your boundaries. Safe sex practices, no kissing, soft swap, full swap, and various other “rules” may be established between you and your partner while swinging.

Now for the Fiction!

Swinging is uncommon!


Studies have shown that 80% of people have fantasized about some form of an open relationship and 97% of #open members practice and or are interested in Ethical Non-Monogamy!

Swinging will save your relationship.


Swinging is not the answer for a failing relationship. While swinging can absolutely improve partnerships, it shouldn’t be introduced or attempted as a “Hail Mary”.

Swinging is just for older couples who have been married forever.


The swinging community spans all demographics! No two “swingers” look, or act, alike! It’s important to find a swinging community that works for you and your partner. There are plenty of groups, clubs , and other organizations (like #open), that can help connect you with other swingers and resources!

In conclusion, take a deep breath, continue to do your research, and congratulations on making the step toward ENM! The swinging community can’t wait to meet you and your partner. As always, happy swinging!

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