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During our recent Swinging 101 workshop, a number of our #open community members asked for a list of swing club recommendations — so we’ve created one!

One caveat — we’d like to acknowledge that the clubs listed below are crowd-sourced recommendations, and so they’re based on individual experiences. Swinging has been historically heteronormative. While it’s progressed in the past few decades, we recommend that those of you who identify as queer or bisexual (especially bisexual men) seek out clubs that openly support LGBTQIA+ patrons. We strongly suggest reaching out to the club or party hosts as you’re exploring your options, to get a feel for whether you’ll be comfortable visiting (and perhaps playing) with their group!

It’s also important to note that on-premises swingers clubs aren’t the only way to connect. Many swing communities network through mixers or other social events where on-premises sex isn’t on the menu. Additionally, they will often have house parties (usually hosted by members in a private home), hotel parties, or host parties at another sex-positive venue — all of which are generally open to sexual play & intimate connections.

Some clubs that came highly recommended to us are listed below. If you see a star next to the name, it means that one or more of the #open team has visited and personally would recommend the space!

Club Sapphire — while their club (physically located near Seattle, WA) is closed as of this article’s time, Club Sapphire’s community is still very active at virtual events, including pole dancing lessons, sex education workshops, and even parties! Ruby, the owner of Club Sapphire, joined us for our Swinging 101 workshop, and she works to create a space where everyone can relax and be their authentic selves.

Trapeze — Trapeze Club has two locations in Atlanta and Fort Lauderdale, both currently open. Trapeze offers an upscale food menu and a large play space and provides some great FAQs and customer service to their members (including potential new folks).

Oasis Aqualounge — Toronto, Ontario’s own Oasis Aqualounge is going strong with their virtual event schedule, including everything from Naked Yoga and sex education workshops to play parties and sexy events! They also have a very inclusive gender- and orientation-welcoming environment and are inclusive of all people.

Club Body Shop — With three locations in Canton OH, Toledo OH, and Pittsburgh PA, Club Body Shop offers a very clear membership process (and vets all applicants) and has events on the calendar both in-person and online.

Because we know that this is a short list, we also wanted to provide a more general list for you to check out; there are many clubs around the world that you can research, visit, and see whether they might be a great fit for your needs. This list is one of the most comprehensive we’ve found:

If you’re curious about swinging, but not ready to set foot in a club (or don’t have one nearby), a great way to start is by connecting with people who are already part of the swinger community; you can search “#swinger” or “#swinging” in the #open app. You’ll find people in your area with all experience levels, and maybe even find a play date for your first swing party, too!

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