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  • Jeffrey Hartmann

    Jeffrey Hartmann

    Available for work. Cult/classic film buff; a folk-rocker at heart.

  • Adri Maha

    Adri Maha

  • Lcranfil


  • Atuncaixba


  • Don Bushman

    Don Bushman

  • Pierre Abenzoar

    Pierre Abenzoar

  • Samantha Colucci

    Samantha Colucci

    HEY, EVERYBODY! I'm a YouTuber/actor/CPS/geeky child of the 80s that'll never grow up. IG: ItsMeSamiC, tumblr.: itsmesami, Snapchat: MissKittyCupcak #3WY

  • James McLallen

    James McLallen

    Designer. Painter with creative block. Saxophoner. Marvelite. Writes about Art & Culture. Process & Motivation. Inspiration & Aspiration. Be Wild, Not Evil.

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