June 2020

#open wouldn’t be a community without the incredible people who make up our 55,000 member userbase! The team at #open is constantly blown away by the array of diverse humans that are swiping, connecting, and dating in-app. We want to share more about our vibrant community, so we’ve launched our new Faces of #open campaign. We’re excited to show and tell a little more about the #open-minded users in our dating community.

This month we caught up with #open users, Chris (@Starchilde), Elyse (@attilathehoney), Blue (@BlueinSF) and Tatyannah to chat about their experiences on #open, what they’re looking for and of course, some of their favorite hashtags to search for in-app. Check out what these amazing members are up to and who knows, you may be their perfect match!

  1. Meet @Starchilde (they/them)
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Chris(@Starchilde in-app) is a 46-year-old member who identifies as heteroflexible genderfluid and has been active in the ethical non-monogamy/poly and queer kink communities in California for years.

Chris’ introduction to the sex-positive world began when they moved into a house of roomies that taught classes on pussy pleasure, open relationships, and effective communication. Chris has gone from student to teacher and now teaches workshops on developing sexual intimacy through communication.

As an avid gardener, Chris especially enjoys the challenge of growing foods to eat while in confined, urban areas. Succulents and cacti are also another gardening favorite. Check out @Starchilde’s profile for yourself by searching for shared hashtags or do a username search to find them in-app!

2. Meet @attilathehoney (she/her)

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Elyse (@attilathehoney) is a 33-year-old pansexual woman based in Chicago who’s looking for friends and possibly more if the chemistry is right. She’s got a lot of fun interests to chat and get to know her over, let’s hear more about them!

Elyse has a passion for Latin American culture and travels. After traveling all over Ecuador, she’s eager to spend more time exploring South America. She’s a big fan of Pedro Almodovar films, Neil Gaiman, David Sedaris, Truman Capote, and Queer erotica/poetry. During Corona, Elyse has rekindled her love for indoor gardening.

Getting to know other #open users over a date to a brewery, low-key dinner on a cozy patio or ice cream, and cuddly smooches in a nearby park are some of Elyse’s ideas for a perfect date. To find Elyse, search for her username @attilathehoney in-app to match and chat, or add her on Instagram (@attila.the.honey).

3. Meet @BlueinSF (they/them)

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Meet #open user @BlueinSF. Blue is a 50-year-old pansexual, nonbinary identifying user who resides in the San Fransisco area. A few other labels that Blue identifies with include AMAB, queer, trans femme, and sadistic submissiveness.

Blue spends their work hours as a therapist, specifically serving the gender, sexuality, and relationship diverse communities. When not working, @BlueinSF enjoys red wine and whiskey, dancing, and is an 80’s enthusiast.

While swiping on #open, Blue is looking to match with female-identifying tops and dommes to explore things such as Power Exchange and various other kinks. COVID has kept Blue from engaging in in-person meetups, but they are up for finding creative ways to connect while Sheltering in Place.
To learn more about @BlueinSF, find them in-app by searching for their username or shared hashtags, or on Facebook/Twitter: @jofezasa(personal account) or @jzsmft (professional account).

3. Meet Tatyannah! (she/her)

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Tatyannah is 24 and identifies as demisexual (she/her). She’s a user that’s currently based in Philly but catch up with her if you can because Taty is usually on the move when it’s not Corona times.

As a sex blogger and educator that’s pursuing a Master’s in Human Sexuality, Tatyannah has traveled all over the world to talk about sex, sex education and pleasure. If you follow Taty on Instagram (@tay_k_king) you’ll see she takes time to enjoy adventuring during her travels too (peep that story from the EdgeWalk at the CN Tower!)

Once things are safe, Tatyannah is looking forward to attending more BDSM and sex-positive events, chat with her to find out her favorite conferences and industry happenings! To learn more about Taty, find her in-app or on social media!

Thank you to Chris, Elyse, Blue and Tatyannah for sharing their vibrant profiles with us for our launch of this new campaign! We can’t wait to showcase more of faces of the #open community and hope you enjoy learning about other users too. If you’d like to have your #open profile featured, send us an email at support@hashtagopen.com!

If you haven’t already joined our dating community, download the app and try it out, we’d love to hear what you think!

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