by Maile Manliguis

Masturbation May inspiration, Dr. Joycelyn Elders

This May marks the 26th year of celebrating International Masturbation Month, or Masturbation May as many of us refer to it. During May we often see a boom in sex education around self-pleasure, whether it be creating new masturbation routines, learning pleasure techniques, or reviewing favorite ‘tools of the trade’, it’s a great time to brush up on self-pleasure skills.

While Masturbation May has grown in notoriety and popularity, many don’t know the fierce Black woman behind it all. That badass woman is Dr. Joycelyn Elders, former Surgeon General of the United States.

Joycelyn showed tenacity in…

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Recently, our team at #open, the dating app for people who are interested in or already engaged in open relationships, polyamory, and ethical non-monogamy, celebrated the one-year anniversary of our popular #openEd virtual education series.

Conceptualized at the beginning of the pandemic, our team knew that finding new, virtual ways to come together as a community would be vital to foster a sense of connection when many were feeling isolated (both literally and figuratively). #openEd became a platform for open-minded and accessible education to those seeking it out.

“A year ago, we knew that our members — both current and…

We’re constantly scanning the news for polyamorous content, and we hope you are too. And while polyamory is slowly gaining acceptance and traction in mainstream media, the reality of the situation is that there is still a lot of negative commentary (or no commentary at all) around the subject. Which is why we felt compelled to reply to an Ask Amy column we recently came across.

Prompted by a “confused mom” who recently learned that her son and daughter-in-law are polyamorous, Amy explained what polyamory is and handed the question off to a specialist who suggested various polyamorous resources and…

by Sarah Sloane

I usually read those linkbait-y blog posts that promise ten life hacks, or twenty ways to cut down the clutter in your house…I suspect I’m hoping that they may actually prove fruitful, but most often it’s a rehash of what I already know.

Years ago, these posts prompted me to start thinking about our sexual self-esteem — how we feel about ourselves, sexually — and how little that we talk about the underlying structure of sexual wellness.

Cosmo (and tons of other sex help resources) shout out that ‘here, now, are five amazing ways to please your…

Have you ever gone down the rabbit hole looking for some bling for your thing?

The other day I was aimlessly perusing the internet only to find myself at the bottom of a sex toy rabbit hole and boy let me tell you- that bad boy is VAST! Although most of it included your typical vibrators and dildos, I did stumble upon some nifty creations and it got me thinking. There are LOADS of toys out there — many of them innovative & necessary — that most people may not know about. …

By Maile

My absolute FAVORITE holiday is upon us. Yes, I, the #open team’s peppiest member, have a dark sense of humor and generally delight in all things spook & macabre. So when my first-ever full swap experience turned a bit frightful, I knew I had to save this odd story for October.

A Saturday Night Swap

It was a hot summer night, and somehow, the stars aligned to allow myself and Adam (the hub) a Saturday evening with no kids. I had to take advantage and plan something fun. Since I’d recently started dating my now-boyfriend, Pip* and Adam was getting to know…

By #open team

During our recent Swinging 101 workshop, a number of our #open community members asked for a list of swing club recommendations — so we’ve created one!

One caveat — we’d like to acknowledge that the clubs listed below are crowd-sourced recommendations, and so they’re based on individual experiences. Swinging has been historically heteronormative. While it’s progressed in the past few decades, we recommend that those of you who identify as queer or bisexual (especially bisexual men) seek out clubs that openly support LGBTQIA+ patrons. …

by Maile

Hello #open friends. It’s Maile, #open’s Director of Product and designated dating adventurist. I’m back with another COVID-approved date idea to keep things wild and fun.

If you’ve been looking for a way to get outside and also get in some seriously silly snuggles- goat yoga might just be your zen. I had a chance to try it out with my new boo, and I’m excited to tell you all about it.

Not a Baaaaaa-d Idea

Did I get your goat with that mention of a new boo? Yes — I have a new honey! We’re still in…

So you and your partner have recently decided to open up your relationship. Great! You start by heading to the interwebs for information, and as expected, you’re overwhelmed with the information surrounding the nuances of Ethical Non-Monogamy. That’s okay — you’re not alone! While we might not have the word limit or time to tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about ENM (it would take days), we’re here to breakdown the facts and fictions of one very popular practice — swinging!

So let’s start with the facts!

Swinging falls under the umbrella term “Non-Monogamy” and is the practice of playing with others with your partner or while your partner is present — usually on a regular basis.


If you and your partner agree to date/play completely separately, swinging may not be the best term…

By Maile

Happy Anal August!

Last week I had a chance to chat with femme domme and doula, Goddess Erica, and it inspired me to reflect on the ways that my background as a birth doula can apply to my work and exploration of sexuality and kink.

With anal play being the topic of the month, one principle that I learned in doula training and have personally navigated during birth, is the concept of Sphincter Law. I began thinking about how the ideas and suggestions that women use during labor can be applied to the sensations and experiences of anal play... …

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